Yawlba in Elba!

International TV presenter and comedian, Griff Rhys Jones, famous for legendary sketches like Constable Savage in the TV show ‘Not the Nine O’Clock News’ hosted a fabulous fun regatta last week for S&S designed classic yawls on the stunning island of Elba off the west coast of Italy. As a break from more serious racing, the event was designed strictly as a fun occasion – a rendezvous amongst friends – with amusing prizes and a very relaxed laissez-faire attitude to racing results. As owner of the S&S yawl Argyll, Griff did an amazing job coordinating activities both on and off the water. As Skylark’s owner was unable to attend, she sailed with a skeleton crew.

The 3-day event was most memorable for the thunder and lightening storm which hit the fleet towards the end of Race 2. Bolts of lightening hit the water all around the yachts and gusts of 34 knots were recorded which, due to there unexpected direction and intensity, laid some yachts flat.

Photo Gallery

by James Robinson Taylor

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