Hennessy BlueBird Cup 2015

The BlueBird Cup, inaugurated in 2011, was a challenge this year between three yachts, Manitou, Spectre and Skylark. In customary fashion, Tara Getty challenged the owners of Manitou (Philip Jordan) and Spectre (Peter Dubens) to a race of ‘Speed Under Sail’. The larger 63ft Manitou gave the smaller 53ft Skylark a 1 min 12 sec head start, whilst the ultra modern Spectre was required to race two laps versus one for the classic yachts. In strong wind and waves Manitou managed to catch Skylark by the halfway point, however Skylark executed a more efficient gybe under spinnaker and led Manitou around the last mark which was created by the stern of the superyacht Talitha. At the finish, Skylark led Manitou across the line by a mere one second, with Peter Duben’s modern yacht Spectre following close behind. The BlueBird Cup and carafes of Hennessy Paradis Imperial were awarded at the prizegiving onboard Talitha by His Majesty King Juan Carlos of Spain.