Voiles d’Antibes 2017

Skylark’s first race with her new mizzen mast and repairs completed could not have gone better. With Skylark’s Captain Tony Morse at the helm for Race 1, and an entirely new foredeck crew, Skylark had a great start at the favoured Committee Boat end of the line and performed well in the lights winds right around the coastal course which took the fleet near to Les Isles des Lerins off Cannes. A win was just reward for a race well sailed.

For Races 2 & 3, with Skylark’s owner back at the wheel, Skylark again fought for the favoured Committee Boat end but on both occasions was ‘boxed out’ (pushed out) as the gun went. This required a tight circle around to approach the line a second time, losing over a minute in the process. However, on both occasions Skylark fought back to place well in the fleet.

The final race was particularly exciting. In stronger breeze Skylark had a great start and with her A-team crew of Evan Marshall, Mogens Thorlstrop and Nigel ‘Squiffy’ Hawkins trimming, she led her main competitors right around the course winning the race over all across all classes.

The final race win meant that Skylark was able to discard her worst score leaving a full set of bullets for her return event. With crew Toby, Leticia, Richard and BB Tom doing all the hard work.