Coupe des Dames 2019

The first event of the 2019 season was the prestigious Coupe des Dames – the Ladies Cup – held each year in Saint-Tropez. Skylark sailed beautifully in the perfect conditions posting a 3rd place in the first race – a result she repeated in the 2nd race – giving her 3rd Place Overall for the regatta.

Ania Szubert: “It’s fantastic experience I’m so glad that Mr G and Tony take me to Skylark. Feeling this old boat, be at her, and made race, it’s fantastic and fabulous. I was very exciting and scary too when boat go on the side. I love pulling lines it’s very exciting. I love this very much. And also I’m very exciting for tomorrow because I can take with me my 11 old years daughter”

“Alicia Bajor-Szubert, it was her first time and she loved it”

“Like mother like daughter!“

“I was scary because I wasn’t sure if she will be ok, but she smile all the time, and she move well when boat move well without stress. She really enjoy a lots, it will be for her best souvenir in her life be at boat like this, sailing and be at place Number 3!”

Helmswoman Sandy Oxley: “It’s like picking up the reins of a top class showjumper and seeing a perfect stride to a six-foot parallel combination and before you’ve landed looking for a next perfect stride to the next fence the Feeling of the ability power strength and grace beneath you….I don’t have the technical knowledge to describe what it’s like to helm Skylark but can associate the exhilaration… feeling ….. and …. the fear of first competing in the main ring at Hickstead !”

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