Victory before Vesuvius

Skylark’s crew gathered in a Mediterranean destination new to them, that of the Italian city of Naples, Pompeii and the stunning island of Capri. For the first time this season the team boasted the talented appassionati di vela Ken ‘Master’Bates and Tom ‘Wiggy’ Whidden-Wiggin, both multiple winners of many important things. Other specialists contributing to crew ‘presentation and well-being’ were shore-side glitteratti – stylist Lexy London and Poeny Bates, Head of Flowers & Fauna.

Following a solid day’s training for all – who certainly needed it – Skylark headed out to the start line for Race 1. As BlueBird was unable to reserve a berth by the RCC Savoia, half the crew were accommodated 16 miles away by sea on the beautiful island of Capri, meaning that Skylark was managed in Naples by Captain Carl and her full-time crew William & Emma, under the watchful eye of Commodore Tony.

Skylark charges to the front

A downwind start provided a tactical challenge and despite being infringed by a little wooden underwater boat at the start, Skylark fought her way back, metre by metre, to eventually lead the fleet into the gybe mark near the finish. A faulty shackle release and a problem re-hoisting the spinnaker cost her the overall line honours trophy, which was the biggest trophy ever seen. Earlier that day, the polished tin-pot monstrosity had been ear-marked by Master Bates who had eyed it, knowingly, in the yacht club with Argyll Ma Julie. But despite the issues, the performance was enough to secure Skylark the race win on corrected time – her first of a full set of bullets.

Race 2, Day 2, was a triangular affair. A heavily-biased start line, again favouring the Committee Boat (what’s wrong with these people) led to a lot of barging and a complete EU pile up at start with all boats, excepting the charging Brexitists, barging in, knocking Skylark off her course and timed run to the line.

Despite the multiple infringements against her, Skylark picked away at her opposition one by one. A bold tack off to the right of the course gave Skylark a handsome lead which she then extended to the finish. It was a fine performance considering Skylark had no idea what the course was. Win 2, Day 2, and a sunset dinner for 22 rounded off the day.


Gusts of 24 knots met competitors on the morning of Day 3. And what a day. A reaching start on port allowed Skylark to nail the line at full speed, hoist her spinnaker and staysail and immediately catch a tow with a larger faster Italian boat all the way down the first reach. The tow gave Skylark a handsome lead on her larger rivals who, in the stronger breeze, slowly began to reel her in.

Powering upwind to a Race 3 win

By the 2nd half of the race the wind was still gusting strong and Skylark reefed her lightweight main. As she gybed and hoisted her spinnaker for another fast run, either Gucci or Mansell (we are not sure who) asked Master Bates for a turn to be taken off the spinnaker sheet winch which he was faithfully trimming. Before ‘The One Who Is Always Right’ and ‘The One Who Is Always Wrong’ could stop him, the keen Rugbyarian released tension in the drum which exploded the winch handle dragging Captain Rich down the deck burning his leg. A number of visits to Grandma were required that day … but what a day it was.

A cooling swim over on Capri, facilitated by Captain Cautious aboard the good ship Emilie, celebrated Skylark’s 3rd straight race victory.

Mizzen Man Mouse (aka Landi) joined Skylark for the final race. Now promoted to foredeck, he spent the day in the cockpit trimming the genoa and spinnaker, frankly better than the ‘Marma-Lady’ he replaced. Not surprisingly, it was a more peaceful day for all aboard.

In Race 4, the final race, a long tactical beat followed by a long tactical downwind provided a fabulous end to a fabulous week. Oh, and did I mention, Skylark’s 4th straight win? A full set of race 1sts gave Skylark undisputed regatta victory and a fine silver trophy for her efforts and troubles.

On the podium, everyone was happy, particularly Whidden-Wiggin who had saved his reputation with a race win on the main.

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