Storming at Les Voiles 2013


The S&S designed Skylark and her near sister ship Stormy Weather fought a tough battle in the last race of Les Voiles de Saint-Tropez 2013, the result of which would determine the overall standing within the class. The two yachts were virtually alongside each other for nearly three hours, neither crew prepared to give any quarter. It transpired that Stormy had secured professional sailing tactician & navigator Graham Sunderland to race on board for the event and he undoubtedly gave this legendary racing yacht a performance boost. After two long power reaches the yachts approached the finish and, with her smaller 140% genoa better suited to the increasing wind conditions, Stormy edged past Skylark only metres from the finish to a well earned victory.

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Les Voiles 2013 will be most remembered however for the high winds and thunder and lightening storms that cancelled racing on two days. Forty knot winds and 5 metre waves pounded the harbour battering the boats sheltering from the storm.