Painting Paris Blue

On a chilly December evening at the Paris Boat Show and afterwards at the beautiful restaurant La Plage Parisienne on the banks of the River Seine, Skylark representatives Capt Tony Morse and Chris Savage collected two more awards for the 2013 season. The first was a stunning oil painting of Skylark by famous French artist Johnathan Florent which had just been completed by him minutes before the awards presentation. The paint was still wet! The work was commissioned by Thibaud Assante, organiser of the Corsica Classic Race, and was presented in celebration of Skylark’s series win in 2013.

The second award was an engraved plaque presented by the Association Francaise Yachts de Tradition (AFYT) in recognition of Skylark’s 2nd Place Overall out of 177 yachts racing across all the classic yacht events in French waters in the 2013 season.

The owners and organisers dinner held at La Plage Parisienne in December is the finale social event in the annual classic yacht racing calendar.