Sail Optimisation 2019

Skylark is currently undergoing a Sail Optimisation programme in conjunction with leading technicians from North Sails, with input from Hood Sails senior representatives in America. Data based on the performance of Skylark’s near sister ship Santana, combined with video and photography analysis collated during the winter 2018/19, which included the use of drones, has led to further developments in Skylark’s sail programme ahead of the 2019 events which commence early this May.


Advanced CFD analysis in Holland and Spain on another classic racing yacht design has led to new conclusions about the performance expectation of these craft. This new data has been built into both the boat set up and sail development programme for Skylark, consolidating performance prediction analysis with polar data collected during over 100 races, rolled into one set of optimised data. The analysis focuses primarily on upwind performance in light to medium airs of 8-14 knots and downwind VMG running in breeze of over 8 knots true.